Star Calendar – April 2017

Star Calendar April 2017 Star C alendar Planets: Moon and Sun balance on either side of the solstice point on the 7th. They rise and set at the same point on the horizon on that day and make the same path across the sky. One might observe the pair at… Continue reading

Star Calendar – April 2016

Star Calendar April 2016 Star Calendar Planets: Moon is very dynamic and has several motions of similar mode. A Frenchman sewed photographs of sequential Full Moons together into an animated GIF that shows very nicely the net effect of the various librations – the nodding and swaying face and changes… Continue reading

Star Calendar – April, 2015

Star Calendar April 2015 Star Calendar Planets: Moon and Sun cycles interacting generate the modern (Mainmonedesian) “lunisolar” Hebrew calendar. The calendar day begins just after evening civil twilight with the light and dark portions each then being divided into 12 hours. The month begins with the evening following New Moon…. Continue reading